“Younger” by Jasper Wilderness

Indie Rock band Jasper Wilderness comes to Wolf in a Suit with the invigorating and inspiring sonic gem that is “Younger”. With this refreshing and passionate showcase of feelings and emotions, the band gives life to something uniquely special and captivating for it speaks from an honest standpoint and instantly grabs a hold of us. The track blends melodies and lyrics making sure the soundscape comes together just right as we are reminded that age is not be feared and that life is made of stages and if we know they are coming, why not tackled them with a smile and ready to keep on pushing on. We all fear what comes at the end of the road and with this, we sadly forget to embrace and enjoy what’s in between the start and the end, the guys want us to remember that life is beautiful even if it’s a second for the universe. So listen and embrace the sweet magic offered by this must listen gem. Enjoy!

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