“Life Now” by Conor Scott

London-based Irish indie singer/songwriter Conor Scott comes to us with an inspiring and charming sonic gem in “Life Now”. With this exquisite blend of honesty, emotions, and the right personal touch he tells a story that is inherently human and universal but still manages to feel subtle and warm. The track comes together making sure the melodies and lyrics flow with ease, hand in hand, giving life to something special that is sure to give our imagination the right serving of positive vibes. So listen carefully and smile and he gives us a chance to learn something special that is sure to push us to be better. Enjoy!

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“This is the first song I’ve written that is mainly stemming from an objective view of the world, and not so much based on relationships. I wrote it right in the middle of the first lockdown so it was hard not to look at all the things that were happening. That said, I didn’t want to have something totally doom and gloom, and I think you can take quite a few positive affirmations out of the song also. Hope, I suppose”

Conor Scott

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