“Like Me” by Greta Isaac

UK-based indie singer/songwriter Greta Isaac comes to Wolf in a Suit with the mesmerizing and passionate sonic gem that is “Like Me”. With this track, she blends melodies and lyrics in a way that is not only catchy but instantly fun and inspiring making for an instant must listen gem. She caresses our senses with a gentle yet playful touch that grabs a hold of you and feeds your imagination with the perfect dose of escapism. Greta has become an artist that excites me and quite frankly this Wolf will always be a fan and support her talent as much as possible. So listen and enjoy the sweet magic of her sound and add her to your playlists for she is bound to shine as bright as any star.

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“We wanted something that sounded like anxiety, a quick heartbeat, that urgency. This rising panic. We just bashed it out in an hour. It sounded like a dance track that we were thinking of pitching to someone. But when we put the guitar in it became so gnarly. It’s probably the most on the nose in terms of just wanting to be validated and how that is my intention behind everything I do. But I still wanted it to sound like a euphoric release, for it to give you relief from any panic that I felt. I never get bored of it, I love it!”

Greta Isaac

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