“I Owe It To You” by Marco Nicolai

Up and coming Italian indie singer/songwriter Marco Nicolai comes to us with his outstanding debut single, “I owe it to you”. With this fantastic blend of melodies and lyrics he gives thanks to someone not only special but important in his growth and evolution as a human being. He makes it clear that the verses don’t mean that he is only thankful for the good moments but also for the bad for they lead to him understanding the way the world works a little better. The soundscape is pure and refreshingly down to earth pulling us in a gentle making sure when can connect with the vivid and intoxicatingly beautiful reality that is found within this must listen gem. Enjoy!

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“This song is a letter to someone special. It is the realization of having grown as a person thanks to her and finding oneself facing life in a more mature, more conscious way. “I owe it to you” just indicates that if I know how to live it is thanks to her.”

Marco Nicolai

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