“Could have beens (& what ifs)” by Sad Boys Club

Indie pop band Sad Boys Club give life to the honest and reflective sonic gem that is “Could have beens (& what ifs)” . With this track they explore something so personal and so real that takes inspiration from the current views and state of the place they call which in a way has started to become something I think of as well. Even though my home is a different country located in a different continent, this feeling of need to limit and control my words because well. my background is not the norm (Latino blend of various ingredients), has started to build and hearing this song just clicked immediately. The track serves up a sort of poetic and down to earth adventure that speaks to us in a way that is not only human but also quite refreshing and understanding. So listen carefully and know that you are not alone as this must listen gem comes alive and pulls you in. Enjoy!

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“Pedro (bassist/producer) and I (Jacob, singer) share in our sense of otherness. It’s something we take pride in but it’s something that’s tested us both recently – he as a Brazilian immigrant, myself as a Jew. The UK has at times felt hostile, isolating, alienating, foreign, whatever; this is as much about friends as it is Farage. Navigating what to be vocal about, when to be vocal about it and how to be vocal about it… it’s weird to have to worry about that in the place you call home. You have to choose something to sacrifice or it gets chosen for you – I think that can be an arena in which darkness thrives but in the effort to find your own peace with it you learn a lot about yourself and the people around you.”

Jacob of Sad Boys Club

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