“Mind Me” by The Foons

U.S. based indie pop/rock band The Foons comes to us with the magical and honest sonic gem that is “Mind Me”. With this refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics they explore the at times harsh reality of love in a way that is relatable and quite inviting. The track flows with ease painting a picture that steps away from the fantasies found in fairy tales and gives you something more human and raw. They embrace the fact that love at times comes with pain attached because sometimes you know what’s ahead and you decide to embark on this ride even if you know it has an expiration date. So listen carefully and let this one of a kind soundscape pull you in and give your senses an invitation to feed something special to your imagination as you dive into this must listen realm. Enjoy!

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“This is a song about the willingness to fall in love with someone despite having the foresight that it will likely be a painful experience.”

The Foons

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