“Heart Emoji” by Ludic

Canadian indie pop band Ludic comes to Wolf in a Suit with the exhilarating and mesmerizing sonic gem that is “Heart Emoji”. With this refreshing and catchy blend of old school and contemporary pop they give life to a tale that is sure to catch you off guard and instantly pull you in. The melodies and lyrics come together quite nicely and they invite your senses to feel connected as you dance, sing along and let your imagination become one with it. The track is honestly not only catchy but truly fun to hear and it just has that touch that makes it so easy to connect with as the story begins to feel so yours. So listen, smile and dive into the sweet escapism offered by this must listen gem. Enjoy!

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“…I know that you and me

Just might be

It’s all that I can see

Match with me

You’ll believe

Fallin’ in love with you

Can’t be that hard to do

It ain’t our history

Heart emoji…”

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