“Sorry for being sorry” by Kate Lynn

Up and coming Texas native/Nashville-based indie singer/songwriter Kate Lynn gives life to an honest and empowering sonic gem in “Sorry for being sorry”. With this refreshing and honest blend of melodies and lyrics she explores past relationships and in doing so, invites us to do the same. The track explores the harsh truth about toxicity when it comes to romantic relationships and how sometimes we are too blind to see how bad we have it and how much of it is infected by this toxic touch. The track aims to remind us of our own self-worth as we are giving a mirror that serves to see how strong and beautiful we are just being us. So listen, see and explore the sweet escape offered by this amazing must listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

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“‘Sorry For Being Sorry’ is an expression of what it feels like to be in a disappointing relationship that takes and never gives. It was a song that, as I wrote it, I realized how much I allowed this person to make me feel like I was constantly in the wrong. You should never have to apologize for who you are. I hope it gives to people just as much as it has given to me.”

Kate Lynn

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