“Holy Trouble” by Christian Cohle

Up and coming Irish indie singer/songwriter Christian Cohle gives life to a raw and hypnotizing sonic gem perfectly titled “Holy Trouble”. With this surreal and captivating blend of melodies and lyrics, he lets his anger out in the open to roam free giving him a sense of grief, peace and realizing how truly brave he is. The track is, without a shadow of a doubt, perfection and manages to balance the electro-pop touches of the instrumental arrangement with the vocals, setting up the right place for the verses to call home and come together and connect with listeners in an instant. The track pulls you in feeding your senses and giving you a pass to be angry and free yourself from it as you dive into this unknown yet intoxicating reality he has crafted. So listen with me and let us embrace the sweet escape offered by this must listen gem. Enjoy!

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“‘Holy Trouble’ is an angry song. One laced with grief, acceptance and ultimately courage. It’s about acknowledging your troubles ahead. I was very angry and scared at the time about a certain issue I was forced to face, it was a tragic affair and one that tore me and many around me to shreds. Everyone deals with grief differently, and I dealt with it in my own way, ‘Holy Trouble’ reflects that in some way I think.”

Christian Cohle

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