“Another Life” by Sarpa Salpa

UK-based indie-pop band Sarpa Salpa gives life to a sonic reality bound to hook you in an instant, say hello to “Another Life”. With this refreshingly playful and very real blend of melodies and lyrics, the band paints a picture that is sadly so familiar to most of us. They explore the harsh nature of love and the difficulties that are there, but we play dumb and don’t see, such as what you feel not being the same as what the other side feels. Our minds feed our imagination with a sad dose of unrealistic hope that quite frankly most of the time never turns into something factual and real. The track feels like a contemporary lesson in the art of falling for someone as they invite us to open our eyes and not only see but listen to the other side because sometimes not even the purest water can be clearer than what they have been saying all along. Enjoy!

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“Another life tackles the idea of being completely head over heels in love with somebody, devoting everything to them. However, despite the warning signs, you cannot bring yourself to admit that your love is unrequited, your optimism outweighing what you know – that you’ll never quite have the love you’re giving reciprocated”

Sarpa Salpa

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