“Go Wrong” by Hauskey

From Australia comes one of the most amazing and honest voices I’ve heard in a while, say hello to Hauskey and his sonic gem, “Go Wrong”. With this refreshing and playfully inviting soundscape, he explores the very real aspect of good news and how sometimes we feel that something bad lies hidden within it. The melodies and lyrics embrace that lack of trust that at times is part of life as we are pessimists and can’t accept something good just like that, because there’s always a feeling of something going wrong or stopping the good from going through. His voice guides us perfectly to this personal realm that is sure to feel relatable and so exquisitely human earning the track the label of must listen gem. Enjoy!

“If you’ve heard my music, you’ve probably picked up an air of pessimism in my writing. Lately, some exciting stuff has been happening, but my natural tendency to expect the worst is holding me back from enjoying it. And so, we have ‘Go Wrong;’ me and my brain being unable to celebrate a win, however small, because it’s so quickly on the lookout for the next stumbling block.”


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