“Below Zero” by Isabel Wood

Australian indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess Isabel Wood comes to us with a bittersweet and raw musical gem in “Below Zero”. With this exquisitely crafted showcase of feelings and emotions, she explores the sad outcome of a relationship that ends with a broken heart and feeling as if you had been abandoned as if all that was shared did not matter. The melodies and verses dance together quite perfectly making sure our senses easily connect with the track as the sad story unfolds and becomes as much ours as it is hers. Her voice embraces each moment throughout the track with the right dose of anger, heartache, sadness and all the emotions that are part of this memory, making for a truly amazing must listen gem. So listen and give Isabel the chance to pull you into a realm so vivid, so human and so uniquely magical that you are sure to be hypnotized instantly. Enjoy!

“I actually had the chorus melody stuck in my head for weeks before I found the right lyrics to attach to it. Once I found those, the rest of the track fell into place really quickly. I’m so happy to be able to kick off 2021 with a ballad.”

Isabel Wood

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