“Te Quiero Olvidar” by Salt Cathedral ft. Ximena Sariñana

Your senses will instantly welcome the bittersweet and honest magic provided by “Te Quiero Olvidar” courtesy of Salt Cathedral and Ximena Sariñana. With this collaboration made in musical heaven, the two uber-talented acts give us a story that feels so raw, so personal and so instantly relatable that it will surely pull you in from the moment you press play. They explore the pain that at times resides within the heart when heartbreak is there and is not an easy task to move from. You beg your mind and your heart to work together and to forget what once was and move forward but they don’t cooperate and make this a near-impossible thing to obtain. The soundscape connects with us as we all have been there, trying and trying so hard to forget someone whose memories still feel so fresh, heartbreak is like that but in it, there’s a unique magic that reminds us that the quest is still ever-present and that love is still out there. So listen carefully and let this must listen gem grab a hold of you and play with your senses and imagination. Enjoy!

“…¿Cuántas veces tengo que decirte que tú y yo no podemos ser amigos?

Porque me gustas

Y tú sigues tratando de que nos veamos

Me cuentas de todas las niñas que amas

Y yo solo te quiero olvidar…”

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