“Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” by Sea Girls

UK based indie rockers Sea Girls are one of my favorite bands and they have decided to cover one of my favorite tracks, say hello to their take on “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart”. With this refreshing and electrifying take, the guys remain faithful to the original by Mark Ronson ft. Miley Cyrus while adding their own layer of passion and emotion to make it theirs. They embrace the melancholic and raw nature of the verses in such a way that there’s no way of escaping the grasp of this fantastic sonic creation. The soundscape is utterly mesmerizing and feeds our senses with the perfect dose of magic and poetry that is part of the original inviting us to escape from reality and dive into this one of a kind reality. So listen carefully and let this amazing must listen gem pull you in a little closer as you become one with these melodies and lyrics. Enjoy!

“The first time I heard it was when we were on our tour bus driving through Belgium in the middle of the night to play a festival in Germany the next day. I couldn’t stop playing it for the next 24 hours. It just sounds like a classic. The lyrics are just infectious. “We live and die by pretty lies“ tells a great story, you know?” 

Henry Camamile of Sea Girls

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Original by Mark Ronson Ft. Miley Cyrus