“Happy” by Sarah Barrios

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess Sarah Barrios comes to us with the most amazing and inspiring sonic gem of the year with “Happy”. With this exquisite and utterly captivating union of melodies, lyrics and visuals he gives us something so powerful and magical that it will surely hit home for more than a few people. She gives us life with this fantastic soundscape and reminds us that happiness does not need a specific moment or for you to have all your cards in your hand, it just happens and it’s amazing when it does. The track flows with ease and understands that there’s not a single person underserving of a little joy in their lives as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, because being free to be yourself should always be a given and a smile should always be a gift that life can give you. So listen carefully and dive into this fantastic invitation to explore the reality of a must listen/must see gem. Enjoy!

“I had spent so many years feeling anxious and scared, that when I came out, happiness felt foreign and kind of undeserved because I still felt like I didn’t know who I was. This song is a reminder that even if you haven’t figured out your life or who you are, it is okay to be happy.”

Sarah Barrios

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