“Lies” by Crimson Peak

From Finland comes the uber-talented indie folk group Crimson Peak with the mesmerizingly honest sonic creation that is “Lies”. With this track they tell a tale of lies, truths and knowing that things seem to find a way to expose them both. They blend melodies and lyrics with care but also with a fiery passion that is quite enticing and refreshing as it feeds our senses with a dose of righteousness and a reminder that karma is always lurking and looking for who to expose. Finding fake people at times seems to be the only offering in the menu, but thankfully sometimes it’s not that hard to notice and we know that the truth will eventually remove this from your plate. So listen carefully and let this marvelous soundscape play with your imagination and serve as a reflection of experiences past (and some even present). Enjoy!

“Lies is a song about letting a fake person know that you can see through them. The truth will always eventually come out.”

Lina Sandvik of Crimson Peak

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