“Disconnected” by CardNoire

Los Angeles based Indie rock singer/songwriter CardNoire comes to us with his debut single, “Disconnected”. With this refreshing and honest soundscape he explores a very personal and human reality as he found himself disconnected from all the things that were part of his life losing his drive and his passion. The track blends melodies and lyrics in a way that flows with ease and really makes sure the story unfolds perfectly inviting us in and making the experience as vivid as possible. There’s something about the track that is relatable and so raw that as he opens up his heart and soul, we bring down our walls and let the track grab a hold of us. Enjoy!

“I wrote this song during a slightly darker period of my life… I was growing farther and farther apart from a someone who I cared about at the time and a minor health scare at the time also didn’t help pull me out of that rut as well. Virtually overnight, I just lost all my motivation and interest in anything I tried to do. I’m a very passionate and intense person and friends and family can vouch for that. The feeling of apathy and disconnection from everything really put me in a situation of distress and it was the first time in my life I truly felt helpless. And that’s how I wrote”


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