“Wasteland” by Marie Naffah

UK based up and coming indie singer/songwriter Marie Naffah comes to us with the mesmerizing and inviting sonic gem that is “Wasteland”. With this exquisite and one of a kind blend of melodies and lyrics she gives life to a sonic realm bound to hook you and pull you in an instant. The track flows with ease and makes sure to set up the perfect home for her voice and verses to come alive and play with our senses and imagination. There’s no denying that this musical creation can only be labeled as a must-listen contemporary masterpiece that is sure to become an instant fan favorite. So listen and explore this world she has created and let it serve you the perfect dose of escapism that is so needed nowadays. Enjoy!

I wanted the song to move in and out of two lands – The Wasteland and Wonderland. Wasteland – the home of self-doubt, apathy and vulnerability is articulated through the verses whilst Wonderland is a space of confidence, power and energy that pulsates through the chorus. After the year we’ve all had, I feel it is a song for people who seek to find their own version of Wonderland in 2021.”

Marie Naffah

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