“California High” by Grizfolk

From the U.S. comes the indie rock band Grizfolk with their latest must listen creation, “California Hight”. With this refreshing and rebellious blend of melodies and lyrics, the guys give life to something special that manages to perfectly balance the old school and the contemporary vibes that dwell within the genre. There’s something about the way the soundscape unfolds that instantly grabs a hold of you and pulls you into a realm that is quite hypnotizing and surreal. This track is the perfect addition to that special playlist that you put on your car when you want to escape from reality and simply west as you ride and you fly with your car’s top down. Enjoy!

“’California High’ is about the insanity of leaving everything behind to head out west. It’s a song about chasing dreams that sparkle like rhinestones in the sunshine and smell of top shelf cannabis in the wind.”


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