“Holy Water” by Emi Jeen

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Emi Jeen comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the mesmerizing and refreshing visual and sonic adventure that is “Holy Water”. With this utterly exquisite and honest blend of melodies and lyrics, she embraces the reality of her existence and she bears it all with a one of a kind confidence that allows everything to be seen so clearly. She understands that there’s neither good nor bad, there’s both living in perfect unison within her as she moves forward and does not hide it from a potential lover. She lets all be out in the open and with truthful and hypnotizing magic she gives life to the most amazing soundscape while making sure the warning sign is clear to see. She embodies all of us, for we all have our own warning signs and it’s best to be honest with those that knock at our door letting them know that within us there’s a perfect dance between the good and the bad. So listen, be inspired, and explore this must-listen/must-see creation. Enjoy!

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