“Coming back for me” by Jenny Kern

From the United States comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Jenny Kern and her mesmerizing sonic creation, “Coming back for me”. With this exquisite and utterly captivating soundscape, she explores the reality of being alone and how beautiful it can be at times. The track understands this realization is not instant and comes with a process of growth and inner struggle that is worth the effort for in the end, you’ll find peace within your own skin. The lyrics and melodies go hand in hand flowing with ease through the airwaves caressing our souls as they give us the push to realize that it’s ok to be alone. So listen carefully and dive into this sweet invitation to escape from reality. Enjoy!

“‘Coming Back For Me’ is a song about solitude. It’s about being alone and learning to be okay with it. Especially during this time, with everything going on in the world. There’s a tension between the inner self and the outer world. How we learn to deal with our emotions, our experiences and our pain. It’s a process and this song helps guide people through it especially with the build of the song.”

Jenny Kern

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