“OmO” by ORI

This Wolf is excited to premiere the latest single from the uber-talented ORI, say hello to “OmO” (On my Own). With this playful and enticing blend of melodies and lyrics this captivating indie goddess gives our senses and dose of the unknown yet relatable nature of music. The soundscape comes alive and paints a picture that is sure to connect with the listeners as we all are in a quest for love or have been in the past. She understands that the cat and mouse that is searching for a chance to have a meaningful relationship at times comes with a reality that is not necessary harsh but at times hard to accept, not all people we meet will be eligible to reflect your high expectations and you just might have to settle (not for the right person but maybe for the one for right now). She has accepted this as part of the adventure and she made it her own making sure she remained in control as to where she was heading and with who. So listen with me and let us connect with this must listen sonic adventure. Enjoy!

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