“Neon” by MADOUX

Dutch indie pop artist MADOUX comes to us with the lush and hypnotizing musical reality that resides within “Neon”. With this exquisite and surreal soundscape, she opens her heart and soul to give life to a realm that is human and bound to ring true to all who listen. The melodies and lyrics blend so perfectly together making sure our senses are fed with something unknown and so enticing giving our imagination a much-needed adventure. The track understands that sadly most of the time we are just trying to grab on to something, anything, no matter if it is good or bad; she invites us to see that we don’t need to. Freedom can be found within ourselves and as afraid as we are to fall, we should not grab on to something worse than what awaits if we do not reach our goals and dreams. So listen, be inspired and found the power that dwells inside you. Enjoy!

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