“Turning Tables” by FERGUS

That voice…

UK based indie singer/songwriter FERGUS comes to us with a personal and mesmerizing take on “Turning Tables” by Adele. With this refreshing and soothing blend of melodies and lyrics he embraces the magic of his own voice as he paints a picture that is so raw and so bittersweet. The soundscape comes alive and instantly pulls you into the reality that resides within it caressing your heart and soul with a warm and understanding touch that allows you to be fully invested in what’s going on. His voice serves as the perfect guide to fall for the magic of this track once more giving us a chance to fall in love with it once more and seeing the beauty in the original and the cover. Enjoy!

Original by Adele

 When ’21’ was released I was a teenager with no idea who I was or where I fit in. I love ‘Turning Tables’ most of all because of its empowering lyrics – about picking yourself up and taking back control. They immediately draw you into a situation and feeling we’ve all experienced and can relate, then they show you the strength and resolve to put an end to it, once and for all. I’ve called this version a tribute because it’s a testament to a wonderful piece of songwriting. It’s not a cover that seeks to be better somehow or radically changed from the original, it’s simply a reimagining 10 years on – still relevant, still resilient, still resonant.”


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