“I’m not sure” by Leyya

From Austria comes a talented duo with the name of Leyya and they make themselves noticed by their sonic gem, “I’m not sure”. With this track, the pair explores the current reality of the world as they aim to understand that we are all going through our own battles behind closed doors. They know we are all still in shock, confused and a bit lost for we are living through something that our imagination could have not fathomed and it’s different from what we are used to making us feel scared and sad for we don’t know what awaits us. The soundscape understands this and brings something special to cheer us on and remind us that hope is always out there ready to open up our eyes and whisper the fact that tomorrow awaits and it has all the ingredients to be great. So listen, embrace the magic of its verses and dive into the sweet escape this must listen gem offers. Enjoy!

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