“Edge of the dark” by Emmit Fenn

Uber talented indie singer/songwriter Emmit Fenn comes to Wolf in a Suit with a haunting and honest soundscape titled “Edge of the Dark”. With this exquisite and mesmerizing musical creation, he embraces the reality of life in a way that is refreshing and inviting. The soundscape showcases the magic and the various lessons that can be found in the good and the bad that is part of our human existence. He understands that these two are equally important while not hiding that only one is desired but both end up pushing us to do better and be better. The track is hands down one of my personal favorites for it plays with my senses and gives my imagination the perfect dose of escapism that I needed. This must listen gem is a wonderful addition to his ever-growing body of work and is the perfect lead single for his upcoming debut album. So dive into this surreal and captivating realm and let it caress your soul for 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Enjoy!

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