“Coca Cola” by Laura Hyde

Australian indie goddess Laura Hyde speaks up and delivers a powerful message hidden by a name known by all, say hello to “Coca Cola”. With this track, this uber-talented singer/songwriter finds her strength and invites us to do the same and stand for ourselves and those who need someone in their corner telling them everything will be ok. The track paints a picture that is instantly relatable and so human while still feeling surreal and mesmerizing making for a must listen gem. The track can fall in various situations experienced in which you feel your voice will not be heard and what you say will not be seen as the truth but the verses serve as a reminder that there’s always someone ready to be there for you. So listen, connect, and visualize the story that lies hidden within this one of a kind track. Enjoy!

“I never thought this song would surface. It was just a voice memo on my phone of me tapping on my dining table and singing ‘Call it Coca Cola, call it sweet. Causing cavities within my teeth’. The thing is I never drank Coca Cola. Growing up, I could have any soft drink I wanted… except that one. 

Coca Cola is about watching someone trying to cover their tracks. It’s calling that person out and letting them know they’re not going to get away with it. It’s about standing up for those who don’t feel strong enough to stand for themselves. This song is a flagpole for anyone who has been grossly mistreated and thinks they won’t be heard or believed. The truth ALWAYS comes out in the end, you will be heard and peoples true colours will be seen.”

Laura Hyde

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