“Everything’s Waiting for You” by Tom Speight

UK based indie singer/songwriter Tom Speight comes to Wolf in a Suit and serves an inspiring and welcome musical masterpiece with “Everything’s waiting for you”. With this track, he gives us life, love, and a sweet invitation to escape from the grey skies that seem to have settled above us and look for a brighter land. There’s something about this blend of melodies and lyrics that instantly hits you as if it was always meant to be with you as it makes you smile and realize that there’s so much beauty in the world and that there’s a future unknown yet filled with hope. He always delivers but there’s something about this soundscape that just hits different and personally, that makes it one of my favorite from this talented lad from across the pond.

Co-produced by Rich Turvey (Blossoms) and I in Rak Studios in August. This was a huge song for the album because it defined what the message is of the album in one song. I wrote it on my own the week before lockdown hit in the UK unaware what the future would hold.. it’s about taking on the world with your loved ones and not looking back.”

Tom Speight

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