“The Hard Lesson” by Sanya N’Kanta

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Sanya N’Kanta comes to Wolf in a Suit with a tale so raw and so real in “The Hard Lesson”. With this refreshing exploration of the human experience, he blends melodies and lyrics to talk about friendships and how sadly some of them are not meant to last. We all instantly connect the word friend with something nice and positive but the harsh reality is that this is not always the case. This relationship can also turn toxic making some people come and go and be part of a lesson more than your life. The track understands that as much as we want things to be always good, there are moments in which we need to make the tough call and say goodbye to some people. The soundscape comes alive with the perfect balance of pop and rock allowing the verses to flow with ease and really pull you in from the very first moment you press play. So listen, see and dive into the realm of this fantastic must listen gem. Enjoy!

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