“Free” by Palco

Indie singer/songwriter Palco opens up her heart and soul and shares the bittersweet and powerful sonic gem that is “Free”. With this exquisite and refreshingly honest and down to earth track she tells a story that is so real and relatable that you will surely feel it yours while it being hers. The melodies and lyrics connect with each other and become one allowing the soundscape to come alive in an instant and truly pull you in. There’s something about the track that while soothing hits so hard and manages to stay and teach you something valuable and worthwhile. So listen closely and let the verses tell you something that will speak to your heart and invite you to be a little more human as you aim for freedom while staying true to your soul. Enjoy!

“I wrote this song as a catharsis to a passionate relationship that just couldn’t seem to break out of unhealthy patterns to make it a lasting one. I wanted to write about the feeling of being trapped and stuck in love while idealizing freedom from the relationship and our own personal demons, so-to-speak. I also wanted to emphasize the feeling of love that permeates even after relationships end, to highlight the innocence we tend to go into relationships with–that sort of purity and unconditional love we feel for some people along the way. I originally wrote a very minimal, stripped down version of this song and ultimately decided on a more electronic world to live in and get lost in musically.”


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