“Wayfaring Stranger” by CUTTS

Indie pop duo CUTTS comes to Wolf in a Suit with a mesmerizing and unique take on the folk classic that is “Wayfaring Stranger”. With their personal and haunting touches, they create the perfect home for the voice to become one with the lyrics and instantly connect with the listener. The soundscape comes together perfectly and serves us with something so human and so raw that there’s no escaping the sweet release of this amazing track. The track connects with each and every listener in a way that feels personal and so relatable that your senses will instantly feed your brain with what dwells inside this mesmerizing musical creation. So listen, visualize and embrace the hypnotic magic of this must listen gem. Enjoy!

“I think the idea of someone wandering aimlessly in search of some far away salvation is a really powerful and very human feeling. The person in this song is lonely you know? But they really believe they’re going to get home; one day. I get that. I think most people get that feeling.”

Lillian Cutts 

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