“Simulation” by Smallpools

Indie pop-rock band Smallpools comes to Wolf in a Suit with a catchy and fun sonic experience in the gem that is “Simulation”. With this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics, the guys give us the perfect escape from the reality that is seen daily in the world in a way that is refreshing and welcomed. The guys understand that the world seems to have become a circus and has reached a point in which not even South Park or the Simpsons could come up with some of the things we have seen. It seems like every month holds something crazy and unheard of waiting to happen and at this point, I just want the only thing to wait for me to be some good music and some positivity. The year needs to get on the right path and the guy modding this simulation needs to cut the crap and add some real magic to this simulation that we are living in. Enjoy!

“When the word becomes such a circus, I can’t help but wonder if there’s somebody logged in just pulling our strings for their own entertainment”

Sean Scanlon of Smallpools

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