“Arde el Imperio” by Sonograma

From Spain comes one of the most exciting sounds heard in Wolf in a Suit, say hello to “Arde el Imperio” by Sonograma. With this exciting and mesmerizing blend of melodies and lyrics, the guys give life to a powerful and captivating love story that hits like a knife straight to the heart. The track is so haunting and so unique plus there’s something about the way the verses come one after the other that grabs a hold of your senses and paints a picture so vivid that your imagination will be jealous of such beauty created. The soundscape comes alive from the moment you first play and you are bound to crave more and more of it as your finger automatically stays close to the play button waiting for it to end to hear again right away. This is hands down one of my favorite tracks as of late and made for a perfect addition to my personal playlist. So listen, imagine, and escape from our reality into theirs. Enjoy!

“…si me das a elegir yo prefiero quedarme en tu infierno

porque el cielo está bien pero allí todo el mundo está muerto…”

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