“You got me like” by Barrett Crake

Indie singer/songwriter Barrett Crake gives life to a catchy and bittersweet blend of melodies and lyrics with “You got me like”. With this track, he explores the good and the bad and connects with the angel and devil that seem to dwell on our shoulders. The track embraces the quest for love in a way that is honest and easy to connect with as we all go through those moments in which we know things are bad but we can’t help it and want more and more. The toxic nature of some people is sometimes too clear but sometimes there’s something about them that pulls us deeper down the rabbit hole they’ve created. So listen, see and embrace the sweet escape offered by this amazing track. Enjoy!

“This is easily the most fun and energetic song I’ve ever made and it excites me so much. Most of my songs have been chill and this is the first one where I absolutely had to dance and choreograph for a fully produced music video.”

Barrett Crake

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