“Dear Mr. Producer” by Estella Dawn

The music world is full of many things, from good to bad and sadly sometimes there’s someone out there that will ask something that will take you to the point of changing who you are. Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Estella Dawn takes us through her own experience with the music industry with the honest gem that is “Dear Mr. Producer”. With this mesmerizing soundscape she blends melodies and lyrics in a way that is quite down to earth and raw to the point that you’ll surely be able to visualize the soundscape in an instant. The soundscape allows us to explore the sad reality of the music industry at times in which artists are pushed to be something pleasant for someone else and to forget the value and magic of their voice. She speaks her truth and makes a stand for she will not crumble and fall for the desires of someone else but be firm in her pursuit of her own success. Enjoy!

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