“Mi Festival” by Conttra

From Barcelona, Spain comes one of the most exciting bands of the year, say hello to Conttra and their explosion of sounds perfectly titled “Mi Festival”. With this enticing and one of a kind blend of melodies and lyrics the band gives the world their first piece of music in Spanish as they typically explore their talent in English. The soundscape is musical perfection in every sense of the word for it feeds your senses with the right dose of lush and vivid sonic magic that is sure to take over the airwaves that surround you instantly. Plus, the track is refreshing, fun and without a shadow of a doubt an instant hit for the music lovers around the globe. It became a personal favorite from the moment I pressed play and something about it just made me smile and want to have fun and dance even if it was from the comfort of my own home. So listen, see and dance to this amazing track. Enjoy!

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