“Self Love” by Emily Vu

U.S. based indie singer/songwriter Emily Vu comes to Wolf in a Suit with the playful and inspiring musical creation that is “Self Love”. With this charming and instantly inviting blend of melodies and lyrics she pulls us into her world where we are allowed to see her confidence shine through and really put a smile on our faces. There’s something about the way she approaches life and the various things that come along with it that makes you feel so strong and so down to earth as you find your inner strength and push forward and make things happen. She reminds us that we are all pursuing our own dreams and if we want to make things happen, we better be confident about what we are pursuing because it’s the most important ingredient to get it done. The track also explores the sad reality that everyone has an opinion and people will see you the way they want because sadly some can just seem to like seeing you smile and say that you can do it. So you do you and go at it like the queen/king you are. Enjoy!

“‘Self Love’ is basically just about how I’m a confident person. You’ll never catch me in my feelings over something someone said. I wrote this song because ever since I started doing music and it became a real thing for me, people who have no idea who I am always have something to say about me. They say I’ve changed and that I’m full of myself, but I honestly just love myself.”

Emily Vu

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