“Business” by Isanna

From the UK comes the talented indie singer/songwriter Isanna with the raw and in your face sonic creation that is “Business”. With this down to earth and personal yet relatable blend of melodies and lyrics she brings herself back down to earth and realizes that some things don’t matter as much as they are sold to be. The track explores the glitz and the glamour of the shiny things that may appear throughout our lives and how they can make you forget what really matters as you are blinded by all of this. She delivers a rebellious and refreshingly inviting soundscape that speaks to us as she inspires herself with her own adventure with chaos and false sense of power that came to her from the music industry. She knows that our feet need to be firmly planted to the ground and push forward and never forget that hard work and dedication is always needed. So listen, be inspired and dive into the sweet escape that she has crafted. Enjoy!

“Business is a kind of refuge amidst the chaos and clout-chasing of the music industry. At the time of writing it, I felt myself getting swayed by the smoke and mirrors of the business, and the song felt like a way to bring myself back down to earth, and to the people who keep me sane, for example, my brother and manager Alex. The track is a reminder to protect your energy and keep moving forward, no matter what’s happening around you.”


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