“We Can Do Better” by James Alphonse

From Canada comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter James Alphonse with the haunting and relatable sonic creation that is “We Can Do Better”. The track is beautifully bittersweet and poetic as it blends melodies and lyrics to deliver a tale that is so raw, so real, and one that surely hit home for more than a few. The soundscape is down to earth and embraces the harsh reality of the modern search for love, life, and the unknown everlasting story inspired by the so-called perfection that is constantly being sold on social media. The track knows that sadly we seem to be getting things so easily served at our fingertips that we lose track of what matters and keep on wanting more and more because we should expect it. We forget that love is not about perfection but about moving in the same direction towards making each other and truly listening to what’s going on between the lines. So listen, see and embrace the story that will unfold from the moment you press play. Enjoy!

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