“Maisie” by RESPONS

UK based indie artist RESPONS comes to Wolf in a Suit with the powerful and honest musical creation that is “Maisie”. With this track the uber-talented young singer/songwriter gives life to a story that is so sad and so raw that your imagination will instantly be pulled in and find the dots to connect with. The soundscape is an instant must listen for it knows how to paint a picture that while not yours manages to feel relatable and so human as it speaks to your senses and makes you be part of it. His voice flows perfectly with the arrangement caressing the fragile nature of our human hearts as it speaks words that so inspiring yet so bittersweet. So listen carefully and dive into this world for it holds a message that must be heard. Enjoy!

“I wrote the track after chatting to a girl I genuinely met one time called Maisie. She was really troubled, and mentally struggling with stuff. It stuck with me. But for me, the song is just a big up to the women in my life – the women that I know that have gone through similar stuff. The whole message of the song is: You’re one in a million, and you’re gonna be alright”