“Afraid of Love” by Beta Radio

Indie folk band Beta Radio comes to Wolf in a Suit with a haunting and inviting talent that is “Afraid of Love”. With this exquisite and beautifully crafted blend of melodies and lyrics, the band tells a story that is so real and so raw. They expose the fragile reality of human nature in a way that is quite endearing and relatable from the very start. Not only do they deliver on the sonic aspect of the experience but they give us visuals that perfectly complement and enhance it all giving our senses exactly what they needed. The soundscape is poetic and something about it just clicks with you on a level that is so personal and strangely mesmerizing. So listen, see and dive into this realm they have crafted with such care to exhibit their humanity and their otherworldly talent. Enjoy!

“I’ve spent most of my recent songwriting career trying NOT to write about love. It’s done so much, (we’ve done it so much), and I was tired of it. It got to the point that when I would sit to write song lyrics, I would try to be intentional to not use the word ‘love’ because it was already everywhere my ear turned. But then the new year arrived. And then the world got sick. And then we all saw again how broken our system(s) of justice are. And so, it seemed that love was all that I could write about. Even if I am sometimes afraid of it.” – Benjamin Mabry of Beta Radio

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