“Caught Up” by JUICYPEAR

Indie pop duo/real-life couple JUICYPEAR comes to Wolf in a Suit once more and does so with the playful and refreshing sonic escape that is “Caught Up”. With this fun blend of melodies and lyrics they give life to a story that is so inviting and simply knows how to put you in a good mood. They serve us the right blend of ingredients to change your day from the saddest grays into something colorful and full of live and good vibes. The soundscape is a must for anyone searching for an escape from reality for a least a few minutes that will thankfully keep you going throughout the whole day.  So just relax, let go of all the rules that hold you back and simply dance and smile for you’ve got one life and this track is here to remind of the beauty that lies within it. Enjoy!

“I believe every music lover has had a day where the right song perks them up, comforts them, or transports them into another world. Music I’ve heard has a way of getting to people’s heart without their permission. It comes in under the closed doors and the cracks in the floorboards to move us, sometimes to tears. “Caught Up” was written out of that thought. Where “today isn’t just another day…” it’s an extraordinary day and it’s because I’ve been caught up in a moment, swept up in a daze, transported to a place where I can feel happy, uplifted, and “free from the weight” of the world or situations around me. We hope you get “caught up” and feel a little lighter after listening to this song.” – JUICYPEAR


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