“The Eviction Song” by Lola Scott

Australian indie singer/songwriter Lola Scott comes to us with her personal brand of pop and lyricism with the sonic gem that is “The Eviction Song”. With this exquisite and youthful soundscape, she gives life to a tale that is so real and so raw as she exposes the rebellious yet honest nature of her adventures in this place called earth. She is true to herself and while she understands that there are things that she has done wrong, it’s too late to say sorry and she can only be who she is and embrace the fact that that’s her life story. The track explores the value of friendship and family as they sometimes become the same while moving away not only from a house but also from long term romantic relationships that sadly have ended their cycle. The soundscape is uniquely crafted and manages to blend melodies and lyrics in a way that is exciting and intoxicating from the start. Enjoy!

“The 1/4 Life Crisis EP is a biographical recount of events that happened in my life after getting out of a long term relationship and moving back into a shared house full of benders. Earlier this year my housemates and I were evicted from that house. We’re not sure what for but can only assume all the house parties and noise complaints didn’t help. When I wrote ‘Eviction Song’ it was my 6th move in the last four years (add another 2 moves since then). My 1/4 life crisis has taught me that there aren’t many stable things in life other than those ride or die friendships that feel like family (+family). The more emotional breakdowns we faced together as housemates, the closer we got to each other and luckily the eviction did not kill our friendships. And a couple of us have found a new place to continue the benders that probably got us kicked out in the first place. You can never please everyone so just treat people right and enjoy the time you get to spend with your close friends.” – Lola Scott

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