“Crystal Ball” by Woodes

Uber-talented Australian indie singer/songwriter Woodes comes to Wolf in a Suit with the refreshing and honest musical creation that is “Crystal Ball”. With this one of a kind sonic gem, she gives life to a track that explores the unknown reality of life as we never know what lies ahead for us. She explores the scary yet strangely beautiful nature of the unknown of the future as she hopes like we all do, to know what lies ahead but yet understand that this cannot be. The soundscape blends the melodies and lyrics in a way that is quite perfect and mesmerizing from the start giving our senses the chance to feel a connection that is real and truly fantastic to find. The track is a must for any music lover and manages to add an extra layer within the pop genre that steps away from the glitz and the glamour and instead provides us with something palpable and human. So listen, see and enjoy the sweet touch of magic offered by this must-listen/must-see gem.

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