“The Revenant” by James Deacon

South African indie rocker James Deacon comes to us with the passionate and rebellious sonic gem that is “The Revenant”. With this refreshing and inviting soundscape, James grabs a hold of his voice and the fire that resides within his soul to remind the world that is a force of nature and you should be ready for what’s to come. The track is a must for any music lover for while it dwells within the indie rock genre, it manages to provide the right touch for it to feel inviting and quite charming for anyone. The visuals manage to caress the fires of the melodies with fierce and in your face magic allowing the whole experience to be not only one of a kind but memorable to anyone. Listen, see and embrace the sweet release offered by this amazing track. Enjoy!

“In a world that feels like it’s on the brink of total collapse, I can’t help feel like it’s time to look inward and focus on building a better future. It’s no secret that I have had many ups and downs throughout my career and life thus far, and as always, I use my music to inspire the change I want to see in myself and the world around me. “The Revenant” is about rising from the ashes and building. In agriculture when the ground is burnt, it leaves space for regrowth and allows new life to flourish. So this song is not about rising up despite the devastation, it’s about using the burnt ground as the foundation for a better future.” James Deacon

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