“Summer’s Gone” by Aaron Taos ft. Alice Gray

Indie singer/songwriter Aaron Taos joins forces with the uber-talented Alice Gray to deliver the playful and charming musical creation that is “Summer’s Gone”. With this refreshing and fun sonic experience, they come to the realization that sadly summer is over and it’s time to move on from what it was and the momentary love it brought. The track understands that summer is fantastic but also manages to provide with many moments of passing bliss that we all wish we could make last longer than they should. These two artists complement each other perfectly and give the soundscape that sweet touch of unknown magic that makes this step out from the rest and enter the realm of the must-listen/must-see gems. Enjoy!

“‘Summer’s Gone’ is an ode to summer love. It’s a song about holding on to the last threads of sunlight and the memories of warm, careless romance. Even though the weather has changed, the feelings remain the same and fall festivities of apple picking, football games and hot cider are just a bittersweet reminder of the person you miss most” – Aaron Taos


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