“Radioactive” by Kate Lomas

From the UK comes the uber-talented up and coming indie singer/songwriter Kate Lomas with “Radioactive”. With this playful and mesmerizing blend of melodies and lyrics the soundscape unfolds and grabs a hold of you giving you a sweet dose of magic and reality all folded together. The track is a hit from the moment you press play and the visuals give the experience an extra dose of something unknown and so refreshing. Her voice playfully invites us into this newfound land and as we explore it we realize that there’s no other place we would rather be that embracing this amazing must listen/must see track. Enjoy!

“Radioactive is about feeling let down and isolated by society and coming to terms with life getting harder as you transition to adulthood. Everything going on in society has really cast a dark shadow over us and I hope Radioactive can help lift people up. I want the track to give people the energy and the comfort that comes from connecting together”. – Kate Lomas

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