“Terrified of love” by Mountain Bird

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Mountain Bird explores the modern reality of the hunt for love in a way  that is honest and down to earth with “Terrified of love”. He dives into the cold and emotionless world behind the many apps that are now in the market to date someone with the promise of something real while always offering something for a night or two at the very best. He does not attack people for finding love but instead delivers an invitation to step away from the screen and look up and maybe a pair of eyes is waiting to connect with you. It’s a harsh she mesmerizing blend of melodies and lyrics that instantly comes alive and makes our hearts beat a little faster as we are reminded of the beauty that can be found in the world. So listen carefully and dive into this lush and mesmerizing realm that he has crafted within this soundscape. Enjoy!

“Tinder and all the other apps have made us scared of commiting to basically anything or anyone, so instead we are throwing away people like garbage and this has been a huge impact of the collective depressive state.” – Mountain Bird

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