“Told You” by Marcelo De La Vega

From Australia comes the uber-talented up and coming indie singer/songwriter Marcelo De La Vega with his debut single, “Told You”. With this exquisite and refreshing sonic escape from reality, he gives life to a soundscape made to pull you and make you feel an instant connection as it comes together. The track is a hit from whatever angle you look at it and it has the potential of becoming an instantly memorable addition to any playlist. His voice is charming while still delivering a rebellious and passionate blend of melodies and lyrics that makes for a more than amazing experience. The visuals while unique manage to embrace the track in a way that allows us to feel everything flow with ease through airwaves caressing our senses with a warm and intoxicating touch. Enjoy!

Told You’ is about the naivety of falling in love for the first time and how we think it’s going to last forever, but it seldom ends up that way. There are always older people putting you down saying ‘it’s only young love, just you wait’ and sadly they’re usually right, so when you break up, there’s a ‘told you so’ moment.– Marcelo De La Vega

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