“Saved Myself” by Courtney Paige Nelson

Indie singer/songwriter Courtney Paige Nelson has arrived with the mesmerizing visuals for the sonic gem that is “Saved Myself”. With this music video, the uber-talented artist gives her already amazing track a new layer that manages to enhance the experience and make the message stronger than before. She embraces the reality of mental health and how important it is and showcases this in a way that may seem uncomfortable but in the end the message sticks and that’s what matters. She does not sugarcoat the reality of the issue and instead aims to give life to a story that is so raw, so powerful and so human. So listen, see and dive into this intoxicating and hypnotizing experience that is bound to become a fan favorite. Enjoy!

“The concept for the video was to highlight mental health and the way it makes people uncomfortable, especially when you admit going to get treatment. I wanted to make people feel un-easy when they watch the video, because that is the way people with mental health problems feel in the public eye. As you may know I am a huge advocate for mental health because I suffer from it. As an artist, my goal with everything I create is to make people think and feel deeper. So naturally with this video I did that. The Song ‘Saved Myself’ is about how I felt coming out of treatment. I had no support system and I had to go back into the real world with myself holding my own hand. I quite literally ‘Saved Myself’. People were scared to come close to me when I got out. Assuming I was crazy, or fragile. It was a very dark time for me, and I had to be there for myself. I haven’t had the easiest life, and this is just another chapter to add to my musical journey which I’m excited to share with everyone.” – Courtney Paige Nelson

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